Meet Mark Guthrie

Mark Guthrie began his auction career at the International College of Auctioneering in Davenport, Iowa. He graduated in September of 1985 and soon after, started working for Wayne Hier of Hier & Associates for over ten years. Wayne Hier played an important role in Mark's auction career as a boss and a mentor. Mark eventually purchased Mr. Hier's auction inventory in April of 1999 and turned it into Guthrie Auction Company with the entire family contributing to the business.

The dedication and hard work of the family and employees is what makes Guthrie Auction Company stand apart from the competition. We lost a critical member of our family and team when Mark's wife, Carol, died of breast cancer in December of 2008. Her memory lives on.

Personal Life & Family

Mark still lives and operates his family farm in Annawan. His oldest daughter, Sara and her husband Marcus live in Omaha, NE with their two daughters. Susan, the middle daughter, lives with her husband Dave and three sons outside of Washington, DC. And Stephanie, the youngest, lives with her husband Patrick and their two sons just north of Chicago. We thank you for your business and continued support.

Serving the Community

Guthrie Auction Company is located north of Annawan, IL and we are delighted to donate our time and talents to the surrounding communities. After Carol died in 2008, the family started a memorial run in her honor and has donated over $100,000 to local families and organizations in need over an eight-year period.